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            5 ROI Facts

            Ballast Effects on ROI

            Ballasts increase the cost of fluorescent light fixtures. They consume energy and require electricians to regularly replace them, increasing maintenance costs. Energy lost in ballasts can be significant, up to 10% of lamp input power, further increasing the cost of fluorescent fixtures. RCA LED lights are powered by drivers, which have a longer rated life, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

            HVAC Interactions on ROI

            Traditional lighting systems only convert a small fraction of their electrical input into useful light output. Much of the rest is released directly as heat, so any significant temperature drop or rise in the building affects efficiency and quality of traditional light. HVAC systems must work hard to regulate temperature for inefficient lighting systems. LEDs emit very little heat and require less heat to generate light, making them ideal for environments that require temperature control. This saves on long term HVAC costs.

            Lifetime & Efficiency

            LED lifetime is much longer than their fluorescent or halogen counterparts - up to 5 times longer than comparable fixtures, before light efficiency drops to 80%. One problem plaguing traditional lighting systems is ON/OFF cycles. Metal Halide and CFL lights require long warm-up times, and Fluorescent tubes rapidly degrade with ON/OFF schedules, decreasing light efficiency. LED lights are not affected by ON/OFF cycles and have instant ON/OFF abilities, even in extreme cold.


            Many traditional lighting fixtures contain
            toxic mercury or phosphor, which require careful handling when uninstalling a burnt-out tube. Lights must also be wrapped and packed before transporting to a recycling center. These steps increase the overall cost of recycling, an often overlooked factor when calculating return on investment.

            Long Term Energy Savings

            The Department of Energy projects that energy savings from LED lighting will top 5 quadrillion Btus (quads) annually by 2035. Over half of the 5.1 quads of projected savings (2.65) will be attributed to two commercial lighting applications, linear and low/high-bay.


            ROI Calculator

            Use the following ROI calculator to input a few facts about your current light usage and see how much switching to LED lights will be worth to you.


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            ROI ANALYSIS

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